Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What should I look for in a good Engineering and Design Firm?
A. A professional Engineering and Design Firm should listen. They need to understand what are the customer’s goals? What is the budget? What is the time-frame? Once understood, the firm can offer helpful suggestions concerning the execution of the work based on years of experience. The selected firm should be ready, willing and able to perform the work. They should adhere to the customer’s specifications, local laws, industry guidelines and professional work standards.

Q? Why is Project Management so important?
A. Good project management saves time, money and materials. It provides an effective means of accountability between personnel, departments and or companies during the course of the work. It establishes realistic time-lines and budget control. Lacking proper project management is like driving a vehicle without a steering wheel. It will go off track and run around aimlessly with no definitive direction.

Q? What benefit is there to hiring a Consultant?
A. A good consultant can help companies see a clear path to reach their intended goals. Today’s telecommunications systems cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to construct or upgrade. Hiring a consultant will help companies select the correct steps, protocols, equipment, services and design architectures for a given project. Since he or she has been down this road many times they can enlighten a company in various areas in hopes of maximizing their dollars and optimizing the end results of a given project.

Q? Is there an advantage to hiring a company / contractor that is local to the worksite?
A. Choose the company that is best suited for the work. They may be local and they may not. Most Engineering and Design companies are used to traveling and working across country or even out of the country. As the saying goes “the work is never in our backyard”. Local is good, but most companies have no problem traveling to the work site. Work crews stay onsite until the job is completed and remain onsite through the QC process. For computer or office based portions of the work it doesn’t matter where the selected firm is located. Today all files are electronic and easily transmitted during the course of the work and upon completion.

Q? What if I have a project to get underway, but I have no specifications or details that I can offer to an outside Engineering and Design contractor?
A. This is not uncommon. Often times a customer will not have the specifications or details sufficient to get the project underway. Here at Centerpoint we can help seek the solutions you need and help to develop a Scope of Work to produce the desired end product. Remember a good Engineering and Design firm has a vested interest in seeing your project get underway, that it is done correctly and that the end results exceed your expectations.

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