CATV Design

With over 30 years performing CATV design and engineering Centerpoint has been a chosen outsource for several major equipment manufacturers.

In the 90’s we assisted Blonder Tongue with Interdiction Technology and wrote the only computer program for Interdiction Design.

Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s we supported Philips Broadband as their chosen design outsource. In 2007 we assisted Wave 7 Optics with optimizing the Last Mile Link fiber architecture and then pioneered the graphic depiction of the newer Trident architecture.

Centerpoint has the experience and knowledge to support your company with large scale CATV engineering through design. Our maps are construction ready, complete with specialized notations so there is no mistaking what needs to be done.

We pride ourselves on highly optimized fiber and coaxial design backed by unequaled customer service.


  • Full Re-build, Upgrade or New build design and field engineering
  • Fiber Optic Network Databases – Fiber Design and Splice documentation
  • Fiber Audit – Complete field audit of the fiber network
  • Open and Re-seal – splice cases, document existing fiber splice configurations
  • Design Architectures – HFC, Node +1, Fiber Deep, PON, FTTH, FTTP, FTSA
  • CAD Customization – Custom AutoCAD programming, Smart map creation
  • Custom built design specification files optimizing forward and return network performance
  • GIS and File Conversion – GIS landbase mapping and conversion solutions, ESRI, Arc Info, Arc View, DGN to DWG
  • Existing Design Proofing and Network Optimization – Re-design, Re-power, Node Segmenting and sizing, Identify out of spec plant, map cleanup to conform to desired or to industry standards
  • Re-create, Re-invent or Create New System Map Environments – Standardize map symbology, aesthetics and intelligence for statistical data extraction
  • Fiber Interconnects – Fiber network engineering linking multiple cites from single or multiple headends or hubsites

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