Fiber Optic Design

Centerpoint provides professional Fiber Optic Network design and Engineering Services. The Fiber Optic Network is certainly an important component of any telecommunications network. Keeping and maintaining up to date records of the fiber network coupled with effective management tools is vitally important in assuring that network performance is optimal and unexpected service interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Often times we can work with your existing records and management tools to revise or update the fiber infrastructure. If the outside fiber plant is in need of auditing or design changes and your records or management tools are outdated, we can be of great service to help you get back on track. Or, we can utilize one of our databases for new fiber network designs.


  • GIS Landbase – Establish accurate electronic landbase system wide, or specific geo-referenced work location(s)
  • Map Sets – Prepare and plot map sets for the field crews
  • Fiber Design – Provide PON, FTTH, FTTP, FTSA design, splice documentation, loss budgets and Bills of Materials for greenfield applications, new build or plant upgrades
  • Fiber Interconnects – Fiber network engineering linking multiple cites from single or multiple headends, hubsites or central offices
  • Audit Fiber Network – Field audit fiber network OSP detailing fiber cable sheaths, counts, vintage, footage, splice and storage locations
  • Open and Re-seal – Examine splice cases, document existing fiber splice configuration
  • Update – CAD draft existing plant mapping commensurate with fielded as-built results
  • Database – Build existing as-built fiber splice configuration into fiber database, or fiber management software

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