GIS / GPS Mapping

GIS and GPS Mapping is truly an art form. Not every company approaches or executes the work in the same way. There are a multitude of hardware and software manufacturers offering varied products with which to perform the work. Centerpoint utilizes only professional grade field equipment and industry standard software.

We program for customized field data collection and outside plant facilities record updating dependent upon the customers needs. We can then present the recorded data in a variety of ways. It can be embedded in electronic map files with associated intelligence linked to spreadsheets, databases, or other means of data capture. We can provide a user friendly interface for those inexperienced in manipulating GIS data.


  • Log Geo Coordinates – GPS outside plant facility structures such as power or phone poles, pedestal housings, cabinets, manholes and vault locations.
  • OSP Records Update – Gather specific detail and information about the utility infrastructure, equipment, cabling and support structures.
  • Audit – Update outside plant statistics such as landlord / tenant pole attachments and sub-structures. Field verification of adherence to required agreements and policy. Validation of licensee attachments.
  • Accurate Mapping – Provide accurately placed poles, pedestals, vaults and other OSP plant facilities onto GIS electronic plant mapping.


  • GIS landbase acquisition and processing ESRI, Arc Info, Arc View, DGN to DWG
  • Create custom menus and data collection sets for GPS field capture
  • Perform outside plant surveying and GPS field capture of required data
  • Create intelligent CAD mapping of resultant fielded data
  • Create custom spreadsheets or database of field capture
  • Develop tools and custom user interface
  • Standardize outside plant mapping with accurate GPS located facilities.

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