Telecom Field Engineering

Centerpoint specializes in Telecommunications Engineering for CATV and Telephone. Our dynamic group of field managers and engineers thoroughly understand communications engineering and construction. From the initial conception of the projects objectives, goals and time-frames we go to work developing the field specifications and criteria under which the data will be gathered or engineering performed.

We obtain proper landbase and then create field mapping to support the survey and field personnel. Additionally any support mechanisms such as spreadsheets, computer programming, electronic capture or data storage will be set up specific to each project.


  • GIS Landbase – Establish electronic landbase for the geo-referenced work location(s)
  • Map Sets – Prepare and plot map sets for the field crews
  • Proposed Engineering – Perform preliminary field engineering for proposed construction projects, prepare mapping ready for design
  • Audit Fiber Network – Field audit fiber network OSP detailing fiber cables sheaths, counts, vintage, footage, splice and storage locations, OTN cabinets, hub-sites, headends or CO
  • Open and Re-seal – Examine splice cases, document existing fiber splice configuration
  • Update – CAD draft existing plant mapping with fielded as-built results
  • Database – Build as-built fiber splice configuration into a database, or fiber management software
  • As-built Walkout – HFC network for re-design, re-engineering or proposed construction purposes. Capture existing plant configuration, update plant mapping and records
  • Joint Pole Audit – Audit OSP plant facilities poles, substructures. Validate licensee attachments
  • Permitting – Survey proposed underground construction routes and provide detailed encroachment CAD drafted permits.
  • Pole Applications – Perform pole engineering and complete application forms to facilitate proposed aerial attachments
  • Make-Ready Engineering – Perform pole engineering to meet NEC or G.O 95 construction standards

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