Telcommunications Consultancy and Project Management

We believe honesty and integrity is everything. We will spend the time to demonstrate the steps and procedures associated with the work to be performed at no cost. This protects the customer as well as us. We believe the customer should know what to expect before spending a penny.


The job of a good consultant is to understand the reason the customer needs the work done to begin with. Based on this information the consultant can then recommend the steps needed and to a degree what the company will experience in launching the project and the eventual outcome of the work once completed.

As your consultant we will deliver an estimated comprehensive outline of the project, the recommended actions, personnel, services, materials, costs and time-line from beginning to completion.


Project management is key to maintaining the integrity, technical requirements, budget and time-lines of a given project. Dependent upon the nature of the project there are many components that affect the project from beginning to end. Some components are more complicated, expensive and critical than others. But they all have to work in harmony or the project can go off track or exceed the budget and possibly compromise the quality of the work. We use a variety of methods and tools to manage projects to keep everything in harmony.

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